TPO Roofing

Benefits of TPO Membranes

TPO roofing is yet another excellent option commercial property owners have if they’re looking to increase the overall stability of their roof — and therefore the overall stability of their commercial property. TPO is a roofing material made of ethylene-propylene rubber, which helps make a very durable roof. TPO also happens to reflect harsh UV sun rays, which can in turn help you become energy efficient. Because TPO reflects the sun’s harmful rays, your property will stay cooler than normal. On hot summer days, you won’t have to rely on air conditioning to cool your property as much!

TPO is best when installed on flat roofs, or low-slope roofs. While flat roofs are so common for commercial properties, they do tend to come with their fair share of problems. For example, water is known to pool on flat roofs, which can consistently be a huge problem for so many property owners. Installing a TPO membrane on your flat roof can help solve this problem. TPO adds another layer of stability and durability to your roof. While this membrane won’t save a roof that has fallen into disrepair, it’s a great option for a roof that needs a little help because of old age, or a roof that needs to be restored slightly. To learn more about our TPO roofing services in Burleson, TX, chat with Burly Bros Roofing LLC at 817-819-5888 today!

TPO Roofing

Scheduling An Appointment

Reach out to us for a personalized consultation on TPO roofing solutions. Whether you're considering installation, repairs, or maintenance, our experienced team is ready to provide expert guidance and quotes for your TPO roofing project.

Superior TPO Installation

Just as with any installation or application, TPO roofing needs to be installed correctly. This is vital. A poorly installed or applied TPO membrane won’t be good for anyone. However, when you work with us, you never need to worry about this! Our team of roofers is highly trained and knows how to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our services also include TPO repair, replacement, and installation.

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There are so many options commercial property owners have when looking to increase the stability and durability of their roofs. Let us help you find the best option for you. TPO roofing in Burleson, TX may just be what you and your commercial property are looking for! If you have any questions or want to learn more about our many different services, chat with Burly Bros Roofing LLC  at 817-819-5888 right now!